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Weddings signs Made in Iowa!

Light up your special day with an Iowa made LED Neon sign!


36″ wide – $175 base price
PLUS $20 per letter

48″ wide – $235 base price

PLUS $20 per letter

If you have a longer name, it may require a larger width sign to fit.

Pricing above includes a clear acrylic backer, 12v UL listed power supply, and a remote control.
Shipping available to U.S. addresses only.

Contact us via Facebook, Instagram, or email.  Thanks!

Projects that included LED Neon in them…

Pictured below are a variety of LED Neon signs we’ve made.
Pricing depends on size and complexity of the project.
Contact us for a quote.

The LED Neon lights are made with a clear acrylic backing, LED Neon silicone tubing, and a lot of patience! Made right here in Iowa…USA!


Handcrafted Iowa LED NeOn signs:

  • Eco-friendly! They do not use any gas or produce heat and they are silent.
  • When used correctly, typically last 50,000 hours!
  • Relatively lightweight
  • Easy to install! Hang your sign just like a picture frame and plug it in like a lamp.
  • As with all handmade items, variances may occur due to the nature of handcrafting items. Every LED Neon sign is handmade to order, so you may discover some slight variances in LED color and/or minor residual glue marks on the acrylic backing board. This is a by-product of the production process in fixing the LED Flexible lights to the acrylic backing board. These marks will not be visible when the Neon sign is in use, and do not affect its function.

The materials used to make LED Neon signs are all relatively lightweight and are designed to be easily installed with wire, 3M strips or screws/nails.

Our LED Neon signs are powered with a 12 volts power supply that converts the wall plug from 120v to 12v.  This plugs into the wall just like a lamp or stereo.

Our signs are created to give you years of enjoyment, with the average sign lasting around 50,000 hours when used correctly.

The materials used mean that our signs are sturdier than traditional glass Neon signs and are much less susceptible to accidental breakage.

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